About us

The future of business process management

We are a specialist management consulting firm focused on business optimisation through Business Process Management (BPM), Lean Six Sigma practices, ERP streamlining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Management and Business Intelligence (BI).

We are an official reseller, implementation and support partner for software solutions from Sage Intacct, Oracle, SYSPRO, ZAP Data Hub, Microsoft, Flowgear and Automation Anywhere.

Our Corporate Motto

We are focused on changing how organizations run their businesses and making brand ISB Optimus synonymous with transforming business processes into optimised assets. Established to simplify the delivery of advanced and secure technologies to companies, our business was founded with the vision to become the go-to specialised management consulting firm. A decade later, the business continues to expand and mature in line with that vision by providing our customers and business partners with reliable, customizable, and security-enhanced communication solutions for information sharing, data exchange, services.

By constantly applying our Solve-Transform-Amplify strategy, our clients discover how to turn their business processes into optimised assets. This full-cycle solution maximizes ROI and decreases implementation time. – Munya Husvu, CEO, ISB Optimus.

Our Mission

  • To empower business enterprises by developing and supporting reliable software that enables clients to digitalise their businesses with less effort, at a higher quality whilst ensuring that operational processes run efficiently.

  • To build the best solution for business process obstacles to improve efficiency, drive down costs and increase productivity.

  • To deliver cost effective and best fit tailored raining and skills development programs in selected specialist capabilities related to business transformation, performance improvement and continuous improvement services.

  • To assist our clients to achieve world class excellence and unlock their potential to compete effectively on the global market.

  • To provide our employees with specialised skills in a highly rewarding and caring working environment.

meet the team

Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse group of outcome-oriented, collaborative technology specialists who operate in a robust environment built for pragmatic, passionate professionals with experience in various industries.

Most of our team members are Lean Six Sigma certified; (Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt).

This has created a requirement in our organisation to help our clients improve process performance by eliminating problems, removing inefficiency (waste), and deploying tailored digital solutions, all of which enables you to provide a better response to your customers’ needs.

ISB Optimus is a specialised business process management services & professional services firm. This encompasses solutions such as Robotic Process Automation, cloud integration software & iPaaS technology.