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Automate Faster Part 3 – The RPA Implementation Roadmap

Like all other digitization efforts, implementing RPA requires a well thought out business case and a systematic approach to implementation. While RPA is arguably the fastest route to process automation, diving in blindly will lead to adverse results, even for the most ideal use cases. Below are some of the critical considerations for organisations implementing RPA for the first time.

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Business Process Management, the misconceptions

Business Process Management (BPM) has come up as an evolution of many tried and tested improvement methodologies, from Deming’s SPC, Goldrat’s TOC, Hammer’s BPR, Toyota Production System (TPS), Wolmack and Jones with Lean, Motorola’s Six Sigma to today’s IT and technology enabled process improvement.

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Automate Faster Part 2 – Why Robotic Process Automation

Most service employees spend the greater part of the work day performing routine repetitive work such as extracting documents from emails, extracting data from documents onto enterprise systems, and transferring data from one system to another. As such, many organisations have long accepted this type of work as a part of doing business and necessary to meet their daily operational needs.

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Automate Faster Part 1 – The Robots are in Service

Many automation and optimisation clients are always left impressed and out of breath just imagining how their businesses can turn around with simple and little changes that can be brought about with automation and yet automation itself has never been as simple.

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