Cognitive Automation & RPA

Recently most businesses experienced, first-hand, the adverse impact of over-depending on business processes executed solely by human beings with no technical back-up, for example, RPA & Cognitive Automation. In today’s ever-changing business landscape, organizations are constantly challenged to transform in order to remain relevant and top-of-mind.

Now, more than ever, our aim is to promote business process optimization as we look forward to the re-emergence of industry and commerce in a post-COVID-19 world.

With our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions we are able to use software robots to automate any business process, from the Attended (front office) where the bots work together with humans, to the Unattended (back office) where the process is fully mechanized by teaching the bots to complete a process.

Our new managed service suite is tailored to help our clients deliver shareholder and customer value through strategic transformation, operational transformation, transformation enablers, and by using the best practice methodologies specific to the client’s new needs.

What will the post-COVID business world look like?

According to the renowned global media business magazine, Forbes magazine, COVID-19 may have been taxing our systems and patience, but it has also built our resilience and allowing us to develop new and innovative solutions out of necessity. READ MORE HERE

At ISB Optimus, we agree with the experts’ prognosis as we have always believed that companies perform best with lean and efficient processes that help them run smarter so we help you uncover hidden bottlenecks, and inefficiencies that hinder operational excellence.

Our solutions, such as the RPA & Cognitive Automation, are widely used by medium to large companies, in multiple business sectors, to digitize, automate, and integrate business-critical processes.

Newly exposed weaknesses in supply chains and vintage software systems sans

Cognitive Automation

Experts from the global auditing firm, KPMG, say business leaders will need the courage to embrace and experiment with ideas outside our comfort zone by adopting what they are calling the ‘3 R’s to survive in the post COVID world’, that is to Re-imagine, Re-plan, Recover. READ MORE HERE

Unfortunately, it took a global catastrophe of a gross magnitude for the world to experience the devastating effects of not being technological ‘fit’.

In order to transform business process efficiency, every business process post in the pandemic world should be anchored on two key areas:

• Implementing RPA and AI for increased agent productivity

• Combining the data and systems they already have for a unified customer view Cognitive Automation

The experts say we’ll experience more disruption in the next decade than ever before. The question is: How will the acceleration of tech trends impact your organization in the post-COVID era? And what can you do to adapt? Check out our top 6 predictions for 2021 to find out:

How ISB Optimus enhances the power of Cognitive Automation & RPA

In previous articles we have detailed our approach towards providing solutions like RPA.

Read more from a previous article

If you haven’t read any of our past blogs, what we are saying in a nutshell is, our workflow for automation is tailored to help you amplify your business processes to improve efficiency, drive down costs and increase productivity.

We strive to bring you cutting-edge, end-to-end business solutions that cover all your bases;

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Facilitate automation of processes
  • Improve employee productivity & satisfaction
  • Eliminate human errors & associated expenses
  • Offer a seamless customer experience
  • Increase revenue & ROI

How to structure an automation implementation roadmap

Step 1- Solve

Create a solid case for automation

Step 2-Transform

Select the right implementation partner, e.g.

Step 3-Amplify

Start Small, Think Big (conduct pilot or a proof of concept)

Step 4-Reports

Fail Fast, Re-learn (anticipate change management challenges)

Successful Implementation

Automated process = reduced operation cost + improved efficiency & increased flexibility

In today’s world, “fast and easy” is the expectation. Goods can now be advertised & delivered the same day they are ordered, appointments can be scheduled with the tap of a finger, and even groceries show up at your door, still fresh without ever having to go into a store.

When it comes to service delivery, the same “fast and easy” expectations apply. However, many service providers still haven’t caught up with the demands of the modern customer, and so naturally forward thinking organizations are looking to transform and embrace Cognitive Automation.

Inquire now about how to embark on your Cognitive Automation & RPA journey and we will get in touch with you shortly.

ISB Optimus is a specialised business process management services & professional services firm. This encompasses solutions such as Robotic Process Automation, cloud integration software & iPaaS technology.