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Why ISB Optimus

At ISB Optimus we place emphasis on delivering value upfront by delivering useable components of the process solution in small increments through our RAPID Business Process Management Execution Model.

The Problem
Continuous Transformation

Today’s markets are characterised by complex customer needs, changing business models and fast paced technological innovations. Organisations are challenged to continuously transform themselves to stay afloat and remain relevant. Organisations are faced with challenges from different perspectives that present a case for change.

Business Change Drivers
  • Re-organisation and re-structuring of organisational roles
  • Change in strategy
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Difficulty coping with high growth
  • Complexity from mergers and acquisitions
Management Change Drivers
  • Unreliable and conflicting management information
  • Increasing performance pressure with lower budgets
  • Increasing competitive pressures
  • Low employee morale
  • Operational challenges
Customer Change Drivers
  • Low satisfaction with service
  • Long lead times to meet customer requests
  • New and changing needs and expectations
  • Organisational desire for customer experience and better customer intimacy
Technological Change Drivers
  • Challenges with legacy systems or phasing out of old application systems
  • Introduction of new systems
  • The purchase of BPM automation tools (workflow, document management, business intelligence)
  • Existing application systems overlap and are not well understood
  • Introduction of a new IT architecture
  • IT not delivering to business expectations, costs are out of control or too expensive
Process Performance
  • The need for provision of visibility of processes from an end-to-end perspective
  • Too many hands-off or gaps in a process, or no clear process at all
  • Unclear process roles and responsibilities
  • Poor quality and rework
  • Lack of process standardization
  • Lack of clear process goals or objectives
  • Unclear process performance measures
The solution

Integrated Approach

We offer expertise in Business Process Management, an integrated approach to performance improvement and business transformation. We assist your organisation through the optimisation of critical processes that drive your strategies.

In our BPM Services Suite, we offer a comprehensive service system through which the central themes of continuous improvement are planned, organised, coordinated, executed and controlled together to achieve organisational excellence bringing harmony in strategy, process, people and technologies.

Business flexibility remains critical in this digital age. We provide an overarching approach to manage all the process initiatives in your organisation ensuring processes continuously responding to changing markets and business environments.

Over the years we have helped clients across industries that include Banking, Insurance, Government, Utilities, SOEs, Healthcare, FMCG Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Distribution.


BPM Strategy, Design and Implementation

We assist you with the establishment of Process Organisations, BPM Maturity Assessment and Evaluation, BPM Tools and Technologies, BPM Governance, Strategy, Methodologies and Best Practices, BPM Centers of Excellence and Cultural Transformation to ensure sustainability of improvement efforts.  

  • Business Process Management Design
  • Business Process Management Methodologies
  • Business Process Management Tools.

Business Process Transformation and Improvement

Our team is ready to help you manage process improvement initiatives that drive your business objectives for customers and stakeholders.

We have resources available to help you with day to day activities associated with the application of BPM to improve your organisation’s performance through appropriate techniques and principles. These activities include:

  • Process Repository Management
  • Process Mapping and Documentation
  • Process Measurement / Quantification​
  • Process Analysis and Design
  • Process Redesign & Improvement​
  • Process Monitoring.

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