Digital Workforce Solutions

Automate your way to the future.

Digitalisation is not a classic case of “human versus machine”, but more a case of “human with machine”. Cognitive automation brings about previously unachievable efficiencies that boost the ability to meet customer needs and demand way faster than ever.

The Problem

Organisations around the globe have recently experienced first-hand the impact that an over-reliance on having their business processes executed solely by human beings has on their business operations. This ranges from mundane and repetitive tasks to the complex processes that make use of unstructured data.

The ability of many organisations to sustain operations during the various extents of lockdowns and remote working scenarios has been average at best, with some organisations failing to cope completely.

The Solution

Automation to drive productivity.
We offer a variety of automated solutions to drive productivity in the workplace. Collectively, these solutions make up our Digital Workforce offering.

This Digital Workforce platform comprises three pillars:

 Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
With RPA we are able to use software robots to automate any business processes. The automation can be Attended (front office) where software robots work together with humans, or Unattended (back office) where the process is fully automated by teaching the software robots how to do the work.

 Cognitive Automation
We have the tools to simulate human thought processes in a computerised model. Our tools can be taught by humans to uncover and transform hidden or “Dark Data” to automate business processes faster and more efficiently while simultaneously eliminating human error.

Cognitive Automation makes sense of all data formats (both structured and unstructured data). Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are applied to everyday processes to recognise (Computer Vision), understand (Natural Language Processing), enrich (Fuzzy Logic) and improve (Machine Learning).

 Digital Workforce Analytics
As your Digital Workers go about their day to day processes, they bring back complete information on not only what they do but also what they encounter along the way. Everything is recorded and visible to the enterprise, anytime. Our Digital Workforce Analytics tools provide hands free business analytics at the click of a button; real time operational insights to constantly monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital workforce and easily quantify processes’ operational performance on demand; and seamless integration with out of the box customisable analytics are designed for meet the analytics needs of most enterprises.

ISB Optimus is a specialised business process management services & professional services firm. This encompasses solutions such as Robotic Process Automation, cloud integration software & iPaaS technology.