Data Management & Business Intelligence

Paint a picture and tell a story using your data

Your business has been in operation for a while now and during that time, a lot of business data has been collected by the software tools that you use, including your ERP, CRM, HRH, PLM, MRP and MOM solutions.

What you need now is the means to visualise this information and create powerful reports and dashboards in order to help you understand what happened in the past and predict what might happen in the future with greater accuracy.

The Problem

Over the past few decades, organisations have been collecting vast amounts of data through the various business systems and applications they use during the course of their daily operations. There has been a growing need to try and extract insights from this data in a bid to improve or enhance the performance of various aspects of the business.

Business Intelligence tools have emerged to solve this problem but, in most cases, access, integration, and preparation of business data to give every function in a business access to reporting from across the organisation has proven to be time consuming and complex due to user-based data preparation.

The Solution

We have assembled a team of analysts, value stream specialists and subject matter experts from various spheres of business and technology to help you draw valuable insights from your business data.

We have partnered with technology partners that enable us to provide solutions that work for businesses of various sizes from small to mid-sized organisations that just require specific report generated and available at specified intervals, right through to the large, complex enterprises that have their own toolsets but require data experts and analysts to operate the tools and analyse the output.

  • Pre-Built Analytics: Automate and optimise hundreds of role-based analytics that cover all main departments of a business on a single and integrated platform.
  • Data Governance: Data for a business is a vital asset. Data quality, data security and a centralized hub for all data ensures that businesses can make efficient decisions on a secured and accurate platform.
  • Smart Modelling: Automatically building a complex system like an ERP, CRM or HRM into an easy-to-use pre built data model with the ability to easily customize removing the need of long and costly projects.
  • Automation & Integration: The ability to connect to numerous data sources and then create a single model that is ready to use in hours.

ISB Optimus is a specialised business process management services & professional services firm. This encompasses solutions such as Robotic Process Automation, cloud integration software & iPaaS technology.