What is OptiBot AP?

OptiBot AP is a solution for streamlining invoice processing to keep your business competitive in a world that values speed, accuracy and flexibility. Streamlining the accounts payable process uses automation to extract and capture data from invoices into accounting systems without human intervention. OptiBot AP uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan and extract the relevant data from documents and capture it into end systems of record using algorithms that detect errors and omissions such as incorrect amounts or missing data.

What Are The Capabilities of Optibot AP?

  • Automates data extraction from various invoice formats
  • Streamlines approval workflows with customisable rules
  • Reduces human error and enhance data accuracy
  • Accelerates invoice processing times
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting systems
  • Strengthens supplier relationships with prompt payments
  • Accesses real-time insights and analytics

Having a Hard Time?

Are you facing difficulties with:

Streamline Invoice Processing for Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Enhanced Accuracy!

Inefficiencies in manual invoice processing not only slow down operations but also pose financial risks and harm supplier relationships. Delayed processing drains resources and increases the risk of errors. As your business grows, these issues escalate, causing late payments, strained relationships, and missed discounts.

Embrace automation to escape these constraints and unleash your business’s potential!

How can you benefit from OptiBot AP?

  • Increase Efficiency: Automating invoice processing minimises errors and saves time as departments can process invoices faster and more accurately
  • Reduce Costs: You re-purpose employees to other mission-critical roles that require human cognitive thought processes such as customer experience
  • Improve Accuracy: With OptiBot AP, data is input accurately, getting rid of errors caused by manual capturing processes
  • Enhance Security: Data is stored and transmitted securely, lessening the risk of breaches and fraudulent activities
  • Speedy Invoice Processing: Streamlining workflows to validate invoices and approvals significantly reduces time
  • Increase Visibility: Automation introduces visibility into invoice processing to allow businesses to track invoices in real time and identify areas for improvement
  • Monitoring and Reporting: OptiBot AP uses BI tools for extensive reporting and analytics with real-time visual data representation for better decision-making


OptiBot AP is fully customisable to match your business requirements. This flexibility ensures it aligns perfectly with your accounts payable processes and workflows, making it a seamless fit for your organisation’s needs.

OptiBot AP is specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with your current accounting and ERP systems. This facilitates smooth data exchange and ensures compatibility, enhancing your accounts payable processes.

Yes, security is in-built into OptiBot AP. The platform implements strong security protocols to protect confidential financial data and adhere to industry-specific compliance standards, ensuring the safety of your accounts payable information.

OptiBot AP is equipped with intelligent exception handling capabilities. It can identify discrepancies, route exceptions for review, and learn from these instances to continually improve accuracy.

OptiBot AP is engineered to effectively manage substantial quantities of invoices, demonstrating scalability and reliable operation even when facing heightened workloads. This capability ensures consistent performance within your accounts payable processes, even during peak usage.

OptiBot AP isn’t just about crunching numbers – it’s also great at sharing insights. You’ll get a detailed view of how things are going with your invoices. From tracking how quickly things get processed to the accuracy rates, exceptions, and other important metrics, OptiBot AP’s reporting and analytics features offer a clear picture of your accounts payable performance.

OptiBot AP can handle electronic invoices in different formats such as PDF, scanned images, and digital documents.

Yes, OptiBot AP includes features that aid in compliance by maintaining audit trails, ensuring accurate data entry, and facilitating adherence to regulatory requirements during the invoice processing cycle.

Getting started is easy. Reach out to our team to schedule a demo and discuss your specific needs. We’ll guide you through the implementation process and demonstrate how OptiBot AP can revolutionize your accounts payable workflow.

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